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Valerie H... von Paris - 29/08/2016

Hôtel extrêmement bien situé à la décoration Alsacienne accueil sympathique ;
Un Spa en soul sol très joli
Je recommande cet établissement pour toute personne souhaitant passer quelques Jours à Strasbourg

Don M... von Calgary, Canada - 25/07/2016

Strasbourg France”
It was meant to be just a stop-over, an in between place on my way somewhere else. It was really to cut my driving time from Germany to Switzerland in half. A place to rest, a quick stop, then to get on with it. It wasn’t even part of the initial plan, it was something I came up with a day or two before I arrived.
With map laid out, planning my driving route, Strasbourg France, nestled just off the German border in France stuck out. It could have been because of Frankfurt Germany with all of its box stores, traffic and wall to wall shoppers, that caused me to want to to recoup or retreat, I'm not sure.. I just knew I needed a place to rest, retreat and reflect. I knew I needed to get of the beaten path. I knew I needed a place I could just be. (Ever feel that way?)
Strasbourg France, like a sparkling beacon reflecting on a sandy beach amidst a stormy night, jumped off my map and with it did invite. The route work, a little off track, but nothing that would hurt. Next I would need a place to stay, to lay my weary head. I wouldn't need much just a clean and comfortable bed. Notice would be short, accommodations would be last minute, the usual B&B or Holiday Inn wouldn’t do it. Something told me I would have to find an oasis in the oasis to lay my weary head.
I searched and re-searched and I searched again. Then I stumbled around one corner then another, then I leaned up against an ancient wall and lo behold, with computer in front of me, proverbially I was standing at the entrance to “Le Boulier d’Or Hotel” In Strasbourg Petite (little) France.
Le Boulier D’Or, describes itself as being at the heart of the historic district of La Petite France in Strasbourg, it openly invites you to an authentic stay in a large mansion renovated with taste and finesse. This privately owned Hotel Le Bouclier d' offers 22 rooms & luxurious, unique, and well designed and historically decorated suites, a spa, lounge, and ambiance to make you never want to leave, trust me I know. Nick named "The Jewel of Wellness" for it will completely cover all of your needs, at a very reasonable rate too not to wound your pocket book so the memory will be nothing but good. If that is all there was, you and I would be very pleased. But on top of an amazing historical hotel complete with everything you could possibly need, historical decor for all to see, there is some folks I have to mention. Deborah who manages this unique experience and setting along with at least three assistants who I was very fortunate to meet; Feur, Sabrina and a young man that will make sure all your needs are met. Right from the moment you arrive, you will feel like you are the most important person on the planet, that you are indeed a king o queen. Deborah and her staff will treat you like a guest of honor, pamper you with every opportunity, and take care of your every need, and what’s more they will do it with patience, a smile and beautiful French accent and with amazing grace and glee. .
The city itself, Strasbourg France, sit’s right on the French, Germany border. The border itself is defined by the River Rhine, with "Strasbourg France" on one side while "Kewl Germany" nestles on the other. Strasbourg is the official seat of the European Parliament and the only city of its size to be declared a World Heritage Site. The city itself was influenced greatly by the Roman’s in its architecture and in 1988, celebrated its 2000th birthday. Just on its amazing history alone I could write possibly books, but what really grabs your attention and your heart is what lies around every corner, on every cobblestone street, and all our for your heart to see.
History, ancient stone buildings, cobblestone streets, high and wide churches and a Cathedral which will take your breath away. Little, (petite) cafés, corner French restaurants, flowered gardens, fountains, monuments, art, music, and décor from another era. People with a smile, a warmth and a love for you, for having just showed up and graced their door today. A time with less auto, less computer less phones, less stress and more love, more family, more just being and being together. That’s what you’ll find and so much more.
That’s what I found in Strasbourg France, a little retreat, an oasis into history, a retreat from everything that is trying to wrest something new. A beautiful bouquet of historic beauty around every corner, in every window, under every foot, and celebrated in the stillness of yesteryear gone bye.
That’s what I found when I took the foot off the gas pedal, and kept my options open on this road trip. To think I could of just passed right on by and missed this little Jewel is preposterous. Sometimes, if we allow it, our interruptions can become our reasons for everything. The ambient Le Boulier D’Or Hotel, and the magnificent city of Strasbourg France became all that and so much more for me.

Bernardo V... von Strasbourg - 29/06/2016

I can't say enough about this hotel and the staff. Rooms are clean, luxurious, elegant and very spacious. The hotel is well situated such that various landmarks and restaurants are within a short walking distance. I loved it!
I will recommend it to anyone staying in Strasbourg.

Susan S... von Manhattan Beach - 28/06/2016

We loved everything about this hotel. The room was stunning in it's Alsacian simplicity, with dark wooden beams and a similarly dark wood old-style armoire offset by white linens and walls, and was the most comfortable of our trip. We liked the room so much we ordered room service both nights of our stay. Room service brought our courses up separately, making sure that everything - wine, entree, and main courses were delivered in proper sequence. Le Bouclier d'Or features the most extensive breakfast buffet you will ever see. It went well beyond the standard fare, which included bacon, sausage, eggs, breakfast pastries, fruit, and yogurt, to include incredible desserts, both in sample size and full restaurant course size. Everyone who entered the dining room was amazed with what they saw and had to eat. From start to finish, service at this hotel was excellent. Even with a GPS, navigating into the hotel can be a little tricky (ours was not navigating us there correctly), so I called and a member of the staff helped navigate us in .
We thought this hotel was not only the best of our three week trip, but also an excellent value. We can't wait to come back!

José W... von Breitenbach 68380 - 25/06/2016

Excellent séjour court mais agréable....ce sera un plaisir de revenir...

Mark M... von Amsterdam - 22/06/2016

The hotel is well situated in a beautiful part of the city and bars and restaurants are just around the corner. The hotel is superb and there is a relaxed but luxurious feel to the place. Room was nice and SPA was nice also. If I get the pleasure of returning to Strasbourg I would return to this hotel.