What we prefer…

  • What we prefer…

Mrs Jung, the General Manager: "I think the square in front of the Cathedral and the Palace is simply awe-inspiring. I love strolling along the banks of the river Ill and I also enjoy looking at the beautiful things that can be found in the Museum de l’Oeuvre Notre Dame, notably the 17th century furniture, which we also have in the Hôtel Bouclier d’Or".

Fleur, Head of Reception: "When I arrived in Alsace, I was totally enchanted by the half-timbered houses and the cobbled side streets of Strasbourg. I am a strict vegetarian, and I can recommend some good local restaurants to you".

Hélène, Sales Representative: "I love the atmosphere in Strasbourg at night: the light envelopping the monuments, the beautiful illuminations at Christmas time. I like my food, and I’ve eaten at all the best bakeries in Strasbourg. Your taste buds are in for a treat!"

And presently, we recommend you take advantage of:
September 20- October 5, 2019 : Musical Festival
September 21-22: European Heritage Day 
5 October 2019: Flea Markt und Design to Place Broglie
Exhibitions in Strasbourg' Museums